Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jayvn Refined sketch: Take 2

The sketches & markings you see floating around the figure are kind of random ideas that I wanted to try out. I started with that head on the left, but for the sake of time, I decided to really just go at the whole thing instead of conceptualize a little bit at a time. Obviously what you're seeing here is an elevation view, to get a sense of his scale. Amongst some other adjustments, I believe I'm going to extend his torso a bit; his legs feel pretty chunky and long compared to his upper body. But I've at least got a full figure down. So, next up: body adjustments & presentation composition!

more soon :P


  1. This is looking sick dude; I know today is technically the deadline but I'll share my thoughts all the same.
    You mention chunky-long legs; i really like 'em. It has a very old-school jaeger look. Circa 1970-80's mechs.

    I really dig the proportions; the scale you've given it isn't colossal.

    Looking forward to seeing what you produce.

  2. Cool Jayvn. I like the Jackal head design. I like how you've pushed the proportions, the upper body vs. the lower body. For some reason though the size differential between the torso and the thighs still feels a bit disproportionate and somewhat contrived.